Not only triggers obesity, soda drinks also causes cancer

soda drinks

There have been many studies that associate drinking soft drinks with a higher risk of obesity. In addition to obesity, soda drinks drinking soft drinks can also increase your risk of diabetes, leading to frequent fainting, and heart rate was stable. However, a study could increase the risk of cancer due to dye in it.

The study found that dye soft drinks containing a chemical called 4-Mel potential carcinogens and cause cancer. soda drinks Regularly consume soft drinks can increase the risk of cancer, both in young children and in adults.

This result is obtained investigators from Consumer Reports and the Center for Livable Future at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. soda drinks They conducted tests on 110 samples of soft drinks. All samples of soft drinks, except for the colored nodes, containing about 3.4 to 352.5 micrograms of 4-Mel on every can or bottle, as reported by Health Site 28/02).

The average person consume two to two and a half cans of soda per day. Researchers estimate that within the next 70 years, soda drinks it could be there are about 5,000 cases of cancer due to the consumption of soft drinks.

But besides that, soda drinks the researchers also warn that the 4-Mel is not only contained in soft drinks, but also on other packaged foods such as barbecue sauce, pancake syrup, and some kind of soup. If you are among those who like to drink soda, you should limit the amount you drink. For daily consumption, select the mineral water that nourish the body. Not only triggers obesity, soda drinks also causes cancer