4 Tips to Overcome Sweaty Palms – 98% success rate

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Sweaty palms is something that is very disturbing and people do not like talking about it, especially if they have a problem with the condition. You might also have experienced this problem, and it is certainly very disturbing right? Well, here are some tips that can help you overcome the problem of sweaty palms:

1. Understand the cause

The first thing to do when coping with sweaty palms is to understand the causes first. Almost everyone has experienced sweaty palms. But sweaty palms are usually only a temporary condition caused by stress or anxiety. For example, when someone can not answer a question in an exam, usually their palm will sweat.

But, there are also people who experience this problem daily and can not control it. This happens because the nervous system is not aware that it is not working properly and false signal is sent from the brain to the sweat nervous.

2. Look for the solution of the most obvious cause

Are you overweight? People who are overweight have a higher risk of experiencing problems with sweaty palms. Excess weight encourages the body to work harder. This can cause excessive sweating. If you lose weight it is possible that the amount of sweat that comes out would be reduced.

Another simple solution is to use a medicated powder or powder stored in a small container in a pocket or purse. But, you have to use it little by little because it can clot in your hands and can make the problem worse.

3. Bring a handkerchief in your pocket

Carrying a handkerchief in your pocket will make it easier to dry the sweat on the palms. Another thing that you can use is antiperspirant products for hands and feet. This product will keep hands and feet remain dry. Many athletes use a product called Tite-Grip to keep their hands stay dry while playing bowling, golf, tennis, weightlifting and other sports that require their hands to remain dry.

4. Thoracoscopic sympathectomy surgery

Finally, you should understand that whatever method you choose to keep you palms dry are only temporary. The only way to permanently cure it is with surgery. Technically, the problem of sweaty palms is called hyperhidrosis and the surgery to overcome the problem is called thoracoscopic sympathectomy. A person can perform the operation without having to be hospitalized in the hospital and have a 98% success rate. 4 Tips to Overcome Sweaty Palms – 98% success rate